As we wrap up Day 3 of Denver Startup Week, it’s a great time for a checkpoint. If you are like me, you are starting to get tired. The miles you’ve walked are catching up with you, the lack of sleep is starting to show, the stack of business cards you’ve collected is getting scarily big, and you are starting to know places like Galvanize, The Commons on Champa, and DU’s Jake Jabs Center for Entrepreneurship like a pro. So with just two full days left of the conference, here are some questions to ask yourself to make sure you get the most out of this event:

1. What is your goal for this week?

It is always a good idea to be working towards some sort of a goal. What do you sincerely want to get out of Denver Startup Week? Is it to find a mentor? Make 100 new networking contacts? Hire some people? Figure out how to fund your new company? Whatever it is, specifically write it down to hold yourself accountable, then begin to take steps toward accomplishing the goal.

2. Who do you want to meet?

The brain trust that has been flying around this week is staggering. There are entrepreneurs from companies of all shapes and sizes who are presenting, speaking on panels, and attending sessions next to you. Figure out who you want to meet (be it a specific person, a company, or a position) and get after it.

3. What questions do you want asked?

This is your opportunity to ask the specific questions that are affecting your business. Many of the people in attendance have been where you are now, in one way or another. They have struggled with the same problems, felt the same business ups and downs, and have forged their own path through the general uncertainty that permeates any startup. These people have been there, done that, and they can help you get there too.

And so, with two full days left, this is the time to take stock of where you are. This event can exhaust you if you let it, so hopefully you’ve gotten some rest, had some caffeine, and are ready for another day. Before you head back in, take a moment to figure out (and specifically state) what your goal for the rest of the week is, who else you need to meet, and what questions you absolutely need to get answered. See you there!