Today marks Day 1 of the 4th annual Denver StartUp Week. I am thrilled to be attending this great event on behalf of Skylarq Digital. Not only is this thing master-planned at the level of any other major conference, but it’s also free, and who doesn’t love that? However, as cool as a totally gratis entrepreneurial-focused conference is, there are still some logistics to be mindful of that can make or break your day. Here’s some tips that I took away from Day 1:

1. Plan your route.

There are a lot of different venues to attend. The venue space was donated, so depending on your schedule, one session might not be within close proximity to the next. Take a moment, either the night before or the morning of, and plan out your ideal route to each session. These sessions fill up quick, so be there on time or risk being locked out.

2. Leave your car.

If you don’t need your car, leave it parked somewhere safe (preferably in a garage or a lot and not at a meter that you’ll need to keep feeding). It’s Denver in late fall - enjoy the city vibe and walk to the events. But make sure to get there on time - this could mean leaving early from one session to make it on time (and to get a seat!) at the next session. Pro Tip: Try this helpful Parking Map of some of the best places to stash your ride in Denver. 

3. Consider your footwear.

On that note, ladies, I can’t stress this enough - there is a TON of walking involved. Your heels are cute, but limping from session to session isn’t a good look. Pack a pair of flip flops or sandals in your purse and hook your feet up for those walks between sessions. You can pop those big girl heels on when you get to your next destination.

4. Don’t forget to eat.

There is so much networking to do, and so many places to be, it’s super easy to forget about this basic necessity. I don’t know about you, but as soon as I miss a meal my sparkle falls flat, and then I’m the dull girl that could barely remember her name, let alone her business mission or elevator pitch. Take a moment and feed your hungry self! Your next conversation will be WAY better for it. Pro Tip: Try this Food Map of where to get the best lunch in Mile High City or check out Denver’s 5280 Magazine site for Food + Drink

In conclusion, to make the most out of this week at the conference, first make sure you are buttoned up on the logistics. This will free you up to focus on the real reasons you are there - to network, to learn, and to absorb the excellent entrepreneurial culture that abounds in Denver.  See you tomorrow!