Check out this amazing review from Nina Cashman of Pave Your Way on our very own co-founder, Kalia Garrido: 

Meet Kalia Garrido, Founder of Skylarq Media, a digital strategy agency that specializes in web design / development, user experience, inbound marketing and ongoing digital brand maintenance. If you or someone you know is looking to build, enhance or increase its company’s online presence, the crew at Skylarq are the people to call. Skylarq will deliver on all of your digital needs with a ton of real-world experience and know-how.

Kalia founded Skylarq a little less than a year ago after deciding to leave her reliable corporate gig at a well-known, publicly-traded company. With Kalia’s innate entrepreneurial spirit, work ethic and enthusiasm, it’s no wonder that she mustered her courage and talents to take a big leap and start her own digital agency. Goodbye steady paychecks, benefits and promotions and hello new found successes, happy clients and relief that her leap was the next necessary step to unlocking her true potential.

It’s no doubt that the universe always matches with equal levels of opportunity and enthusiasm to a person’s willingness to deliver her passions. This is certainly the case with Kalia’s pursuit of introducing Skylarq to the world. Within just a couple months of opening its doors for business, Skylarq Media already had a handful of clients seeking its digital expertise and quality of implementation — a confirmation that Kalia’s “scary” jump was a very smart move!

I’ve personally worked with Kalia in other capacities on digital projects of all sizes, and if there’s one thing that is consistent about her across the board, it’s her laser focus to get the job done with hyper-attention and enthusiasm. And, wow, does personality go a long way in the digital space these days! While there are a lot of capable web developers out there, it seems that few know how to communicate processes, results and recommendations with the same level of knowledge and clarity as Kalia.

Kalia is not only gifted at client communications, she’s also fully knowledgeable about the realities of what’s involved with all of the work she proposes. This is also a very unique quality within the digital space, where so many shops often talk a big game without a complete understanding of the implementation they are proposing. Or, they are great at implementing, while falling short of communicating the best courses of action for their clients.

So, how does Kalia Garrido Pave Her Way? Check-out her video to find out.