In today’s digital-driven world, good design is becoming more and more relevant to all businesses. As a business owner, it’s critically important to take design in consideration, especially if you hope to be truly successful and well known in your community. Many business owners question whether a website redesign is necessary or relevant in their own field. The truth is that good design is relevant no matter what industry you work in. Good web design not only allows your business to manage first impressions, but it helps in establish credibility with your customers while expressing your brand’s mission and priorities.  

Manage First Impressions

We live in an age run by the internet. Being a millennial myself and having worked in customer service for many years, I’ve seen this shift in the customer’s behaviors. The average customer will perform a preliminary search online before going to a store to make their final decision. Having a strong online presence allows you to manage the type of experience that potential customers will have. If you provide a pleasant and thoughtful user interface, you will leave a positive first impression. Making sure your website lays out information in a clean and organized way assures that every time a customer lands on your site, their user experience will be quick, easy, and enjoyable. There is nothing a millennial loves more than a website that is easy to navigate through!

Establish Credibility

Today’s generation of consumers, composed mostly of Millennials, like myself, and Generation Y, rely on a strong online presence to gauge their interest in a company. Creating a positive and easy online interaction between the consumer and your website establishes credibility for your brand. Having a weak or non-existent online presence automatically disadvantages your company and limits your client base. I can tell you, nothing is more discouraging to the millennial than searching for information on an out-dated website. Personally, if I can’t find something in the first few moments on a site, chances are I’ll leave the site and search for another company. When potential customers see poor design they assume the same for your product/service.  However, when you have a website that is design-focused and prioritizes accessibility the Millennial consumer is more willing to trust the company, because of their positive experience.

Express Brand

Investing into good web design gives you the opportunity to express your brand’s missions and priorities. Consider some of the most successful brands today, Apple, Google, and Nike. When you go on Apple’s website the header lists their products and a tab for support. Just by seeing this, the user can identify Apple as a company focused on their products and their always-available customer service. Design empowers you to express the intention of your product. More than just searching for companies that meet their needs, my generation is becoming more concerned with the idea and passion that is driving these companies. When you go to a website that considers design, it’s very clear to see what their brand is about and how much they care about their customer.

“Good design is good business.”-Thomas J. Watson, long-time CEO of IBM

If you own a business you need to take advantage of the opportunity to enhance your brand and your customer’s experience by investing into good web design. Not only is it an easy way to set yourself apart from competitors but it allows you to create a strong brand identity with your clients. By continuing to associate your brand with a seamless and pleasurable experience, you will be able to ensure that your visitors develop an affinity towards your brand.  This will encourage your visitors to continue using your product/service and recommend it to others.