In today’s digital marketing ecosystem, video content is king. It’s responsible for attracting an exponentially growing number of inbound links and social shares for websites. As a result, video is a major player in creating an 10x SEO campaign.

Are you trying to get your brand new business off the ground? Video can be used grow your initial customer base simply by making people aware that you exist. Here, the goal is showing people your brand and what it stands for, endearing potential customers to you and establishing a sense of trust and loyalty.

Already have a strong customer base? Feed your community of customers with content that they will naturally be inclined to share to support you and your brand. High quality video production is the key to achieving this goal.

Selecting the type of video for your business isn’t so easy. You have to have a strong sense of where your brand currently is, where you want your brand to go and demographics that you want to reach.

It’s important to note that doing video content that is of low quality could hurt your brand more than help it. We tell clients all the time that if they don’t have the budget to do video the right way, then it’s better to invest their marketing dollars in other initiatives that would get a bigger bang for the buck.

Also, we get asked a lot by clients about using Youtube or Vimeo. For smaller business, more often than not, the solution we recommend doesn’t include either one of these services. Smaller businesses have more to gain SEO-wise (e.g, lead generation) by hosting their videos on other platforms. Larger brands, of course, tend to care more about video shares, social engagement and outreach, which is where Youtube and Vimeo shine the brightest.

Skylarq Digital can help you figure out what will work best for your brand and business. Have more questions? Set up some time and let’s discuss your situation.