Since 2003, has been an online provider of high quality continuing education for credentialed healthcare professionals.


CEO Matthew Hayman had recently purchased the AAACEUs business when he contacted Skylarq. One of the most glaring legacy issues that he needed to correct was the front-end design. The website had originally been built in the early 2000s and had not been touched since. It was in bad need of a facelift. The issues were clear:

  • The information on the website was not properly organized or categorized. Website visitors were reporting that they did not understand what AAACEUs did.
  • Conversion rates were low. Cart abandonment rates were high. Website visitors had to work through legitimate roadblocks in the checkout process to find the info they needed to purchase classes online.


Skylarq hit the drawing board. Time was spent to better understand the business and the user, and what both needed to get from the experience. The design was carefully crafted with close attention to consistent styling that would produce a cohesive effect as the website visitor travelled from the brochure front-end of the website, through the registration and checkout flow, to the back-end where courses could be consumed and reporting was provided.


In addition to new web style guides, Skylarq wrote the HTML code that the AAACEUs developers could place on the site. The result is a new look for a legacy business. A redesigned website that is simple and clean, easy to understand, navigate and search. Specific optimizations were done so that speed on mobile and desktop can cruise at an all-time-high. The conversion process is streamlined, with the right information front and center.


The proof is in the data. New user registrations increased 13% during the first month after the new design was implemented. New users that made purchases within the same month as registration rose a whopping 38%. In addition to these delicious numbers, the website visitors are also now reporting that the new is communicating the business offerings much more quickly, with users completing purchases much faster than before. Matthew says, simply: “Thank you. I've been thoroughly impressed with everything through the whole process.”