Burges McCowan

Burges McCowan is a criminal defense attorney who runs a highly-visible solo practice in the Phoenix, AZ area. With multiple high-profile clients in Arizona, Burges often finds himself on the news and in the public eye, speaking about the legalities of both his personal cases and other newsworthy stories.


Burges reached out to Skylarq with a request that we often hear from clients - to redesign his website and help him gain a higher standing in Google search rankings. He had gotten to the point where the old site just wasn’t serving his business. The professionalism on his site did not match the professionalism of his law practice and for that reason alone, he needed a big change.

In regards to SEO, Criminal Defense is a highly competitive field, and better rankings in search results is an integral piece to overall business success.


We began with the basics. We embarked upon a User Experience study to better understand who the site visitors were and what they needed from burgesmccowan.com. We did a persona study, a competitive analysis, and a deep exploration of Burges’ business goals. We re-vamped the user-flow with purpose and intent. We balanced the site content, so that the visitors would enjoy a variety of educational text, compelling photography, and informational video content.

To begin the SEO plan, we strategically mapped out the relevant sets of keywords that site visitors might query to find Burges’ practice. We then planned out a long-term content marketing plan to target each set.


The final result is burgesmccowan.com - a strategically designed website that caters to its users with educational resources, easy-to-find contact information, and plenty of social proof.

When it comes to SEO success, in less than a year, burgesmccowan.com has steadily grown in rankings, rising from page 10+ to page 2 (and it continues to climb). We are seeing higher rankings for high-importance key phrases such as “Phoenix criminal defense attorney” and increasing monthly website traffic to match.