The Disconnected App enables users to invite a contact or a group of friends, family, students, or co-workers to temporarily suspend their devices in an effort to improve in-person, human-to-human engagement, concentration and focus, as well as the enhance overall quality of life by mitigating the distractions that tie us to our devices.


Disconnected co-founders Meg Rooney Foley and Ryan Holloway reached out to Skylarq for a rescue mission. They had contracted with an offshore application development team to bring their app idea to life. Although the app was functioning, Meg and Ryan were hesitant to launch it based on it’s poor user experience. The app functioned vastly different on Android and iPhone, and neither one was seamless. Instructional pages that explained how to use the app were needed, as were manual user steps to adjust phone settings so that the app worked. With a user demographic of heavily connected and highly digital savvy millennials, this was unacceptable.


Skylarq conducted an exploratory analysis of the targeted user demographic, focusing on their specific needs and use-case scenarios before any development began. The User Experience was a top concern, as was app usage metrics collection and plans for future enhancements and scalability.

After a thorough assessment of the current application, Skylarq determined that the best course of action was to rebuild the entire app from the ground up. Cutting edge technologies like Google Cloud, Firebase and React Native were selected as the suite of development tools. Data collection was enabled and heavy, in-project user testing was completed after each new feature was added.


The result is a simplified user experience that allows app users to access the app's functionality quickly and easily, and allows frequent use of the app with significantly less friction. In doing so, we created a delightful way for the app's users to keep mobile devices from stealing the attention away from what's most important (but without ditching them altogether).


So what do Meg and Ryan think of their new application? Meg explains: “The Disconnected App has now surpassed what we had in mind for the original vision. It’s better than we ever imaged. The project went smoothly. The Skylarq team communicated at each step. The UX is spot-on, the design and flow are stellar, and the number of users on the app continues to climb. This is how digital projects should go - an end-to-end success from our first communication to the final product.”