International Lifestyle Hotel

This client is a relatively new international lifestyle hotel company that manages and operates an extensive suite of top-tier hotel brands and loyalty clubs. They've become a major player in the boutique hospitality industry.


When a guest checks into a hotel, the agent who is checking them in sees a lot of information. Factual information like contact info, loyalty club memberships, number of stays, size of family, room preferences and personal requests. It’s a lot of data. Too much data, to be exact. The agent needed a friendly and easy at-a-glance way to view and use the right info in the few moments that they spent checking in the guest. They also need to understand some of the sentiment that guest carries with them in relation to the hotel, in order to better tailor their brief conversation.


Skylarq designed a pop-up that sits on the front desk agents home screen. This pop-up serves as a non-intrusive, streamlined “advisor” to assist the agent in helping recognize and welcome guests, understand the guest's behaviors, guides the agent to confirm the guest’s preferences and requests, and provides reminders to obtain missing contact information.


The end result is a clean and effective pop-up experience that gives the hotel agent just what they need, when they need it. If they want more, they can click in for deeper details. The agents now have a virtual assistant that they can lean on for quick tips and more-than-factual data, making this pop up arguably the best + most relevant collection of information, which mutually benefits both the guest and the hotel.