Leaf Data Systems

Leaf Data Systems is part of the MJ Freeway family of cannabis business solutions. It is a state-specific seed-to-sale cannabis tracking software that helps state regulators and cannabis operators stay fully compliant.


MJ Freeway approached Skylarq Digital to help evolve their one-page static leafdatasystems.com website. They needed something more robust that better articulated the value proposition that LDS offers for both state regulators and cannabis operators. LDS needed it’s own website with it’s own branding, while still looking visually similar to the MJ Freeway parent site.

Visually, Skylarq wanted to make sure that MJ Freeway would stand out with a digitally-driven, best-in-class website experience. This way, the website would be positioned to illustrate the same value proposition that the MJF software brings to its users.


We developed a clean and easy-to-use website with two distinct paths for users to follow - one for the regulators and one for the operators. We also added a clear gateway for current LDS users to access their platform and all of the state-specific resources that are contained within.


The final result is leafdatasystems.com - a stand-alone site that has visual queues reminiscent of its parent MJFreeway.com website. This site has been built to scale, so as the number of states that LDS serves grows, so will the website.