Milo Construction

Since 2001, Milo Construction has grown from a small construction service business into one of the Front Range’s most trusted partners for pre-construction consulting, design/build, commercial construction, and historic renovation.


One of Skylarq’s preferred design agency partners requested development help for a new project they had just taken on. They planned to do the design themselves, but wanted an expert development partner would do more than just “build the thing.” They needed quality advice and guidance at each step of the project, so that they could avoid back tracking and making costly mistakes.


From discovery to planning and design to development, Skylarq supported the agency on every call and meeting that was needed. The client was aware of, and comfortable with, the relationship between the design and development agencies. The project flowed as smoothly as it would have had both tracks of work been done under one company.


The collaboration - and the final product - were both great success. Milo Construction now has a marquee website that they are comfortable sharing with prospective clients. The site truly tells the brand story, works seamlessly and quickly, and shows off the amazing work product that Milo is known for.