MJ Freeway

MJ Freeway is the marijuana industry’s premium business platform, designed for the exclusive purpose of helping cannabis companies run successful, compliant businesses. As the first-to-market business of its kind, MJ Freeway has been providing valuable insight and software solutions for new and existing cannabis businesses since 2010.


When the time came for MJ Freeway to redesign their eCommerce website, they reached out to Skylarq for help. Although they were way out front of any competitors, with the recent legalization of marijuana in multiple states, larger companies (such as Microsoft) have begun to enter the cannabis software space. As such, MJ Freeway needed the older website revamped to highlight their solid position - and invaluable expertise - in a dynamic and quickly growing industry.

Visually, Skylarq wanted to make sure that MJ Freeway would stand out with a digitally-driven, best-in-class website experience. This way, the website would be positioned to illustrate the same value proposition that the MJF software brings to its users.


With a wide variety of software, hardware, consulting and educational offerings, Skylarq’s first challenge was to simplify the information so that users with any intent could quickly/easily find what they needed. We made sure that the home page had both the option to begin an exploration process, and the ability to quickly jump into each specific section.


The final mjfreeway.com site is an interactive, animated surprise-and-delight experience for all users. Easy-to-follow pathways of information unfold to help guide visitors through the site and seamlessly locate the information they need. The website is now positioned to act as the initial point of proof that MJ Freeway is a forward-thinking, digitally dominant company that offers cutting-edge technology solutions to cannabis businesses.


So what does MJ Freeway think of their new site? Heather Smyth, Marketing Manager says: "We've truly enjoyed working with Skylarq to design and develop our new website. They effectively built a site which communicates our brand message using best practices in intuitive design and responsive development. Nolan and Kalia gave valuable feedback that improved user experience and upheld our mission to remain ahead of our online competitors. We look forward to a long-lasting relationship with Skylarq."